Paint this gorgeous orchid in Procreate

In this FREE Procreate Masterclass you’ll master painting a realistic orchid, start-to-finish.

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You'll learn how to paint a realistic orchid in 3 simple steps and in less than 90 minutes


First, I'll give you all the inside tips on how to sketch, including what size canvas, etc.

Color Block

Then we'll block our colors. You'll learn how to pick the best colors and how to see colors in your reference photo.


Then we'll blend, add texture, and details, and refine the painting until it's finished. Woohoo!

Hi, my name is Maayan

And I am a flower artist creating realistic flower portraits in Procreate.

In this free masterclass you’ll master painting realistically with oil brushes in Procreate.

I’ll take you from sketch to finished piece in less than 90 minutes. Ready? Click the pink button and let’s get started.

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Master painting realistically in under 90 minutes